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4 Tips to Maintain Your Weight During Fall and Winter

Winter is coming — are you ready to avoid wintertime weight gain? With our team by your side, you can sail through these next seasons and stay focused on your goals. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Few things are better than fall and winter in Washington. The leaves change from green to beautiful hues of red and yellow before getting blanketed in crisp white snow — not to mention the holiday festivities just around the corner. 

Alas, this time of year isn’t always holly and jolly when you’re trying to stay focused on your weight loss goals. 

And the numbers are stacked against you. Less physical activity, increased calorie intake, and even the presence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) make fall and winter peak seasons for body weight around the country. 

It may seem hopeless, but if you team up with Phylis Muthee, NP, ARNP, at Ezzia Healthcare PLLC in Everett, Washington, you can pass the wintertime test with flying colors.

We offer comprehensive, medically supervised weight management programs to help you stay on track. In this blog, we cover a few basics to help you get started. 

1. Don’t wait

If you hope to get through the holiday with as little weight gain as possible, we recommend establishing healthy habits as soon as possible. 

The main cause of wintertime weight gain is increased calorie consumption in the form of Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas cookies, and the like. Overindulging at a couple of holiday parties isn’t a problem, but if you head into the holiday season with a pension for overeating, you may wind up with more weight than you bargained for when the ball drops. 

So, focus on making smart choices when the stakes are lower and prioritize healthy foods and smaller portions. Fill up on the veggies and meat at your parties and take smaller helpings of baked and fried foods. 

Now is also the perfect time to get started with our weight management programs. We can help you navigate the seasons and create a balance between fun and fitness.

2. Don’t go to a party hungry

Half the point of a holiday party is to eat with your friends and family — but how often are those treats diet-friendly? If you show up to a party with an appetite, you won’t care if the options fit within your diet parameters. 

Before you leave your house, eat protein and fiber-rich snacks and drink plenty of water; you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself, but you won’t go overboard. 

3. Be careful with alcohol

It’s all too easy to guzzle extra calories with one or two hot toddies and not even know what hit you. Try drinking a glass of water between each drink to pace yourself. 

4. Get moving

It’s colder, and the snow makes it tough to get outside as much as you did in the summer. But hibernation is for the bears. Invest in a gym membership or set up a workout space in your home. There are tons of free resources and workout videos online that you can take advantage of when the weather outside is frightful. 

We recommend checking in with us before you start an exercise regimen to make sure it’s right for you and your needs.

It’s not all bad news

It may sound like you have to sacrifice fun during the colder season to maintain your weight loss but we don’t want you to become so hyper-focused that you miss out on precious time with loved ones. 

Remember, you can still have fun and enjoy yourself this time of year. A few splurges here and there aren’t going to ruin your chances of being healthy for the long haul. 

If you’d like more information, call the office at 425-448-8648 or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

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