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4 Signs It's Time to Go to Urgent Care

You can’t plan for illnesses and injuries, and when they happen, you don’t want to waste time wondering where to go for care. Here, we help clarify your options so that you can make more efficient decisions.  

It happens more often than we’d like: you wake up with horrible abdominal pain, you twist your ankle while carrying groceries, or your baby spikes a fever hours after your pediatrician's office closes. You may be wondering: Do I need to see a doctor? If I do, where should I go?   

The answer may not always be simple, but knowing when to go and where to go can make a huge difference. Phylis Muthee, NP, ARNP, and the team at Ezzia Healthcare PLLC in Everett, Washington, have years of experience treating these types of illnesses and injuries. Here’s our expert insight on when you should choose urgent care

1. Your regular doctor isn't available

Let’s face it — things never go wrong at convenient times. So, when your regular doctor is closed, booked out, or otherwise unavailable, head our way. We offer fast, same-day care with our walk-in appointments and even our telehealth options.        

2. You’re issue isn’t life-threatening

Urgent care is a great place to take your wounds, illnesses, and injuries you can’t treat at home. For instance, if you’ve cut your finger while cooking and your stash of bandaids isn’t enough, come see us for stitches.   

We can also see you for any of these non-life-threatening issues:

  • Lacerations, abscesses, and other wounds

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

  • Headaches and migraines 

  • Pink eye

  • Sinus infections

  • Asthma attacks

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Shortness of breath

  • Mono

  • Rashes

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 

  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions

  • Animal bites and insect stings

If you’re teetering on the edge of an emergency and aren’t sure what to do, call to speak with one of our providers, and we can give you better instructions.  

3. You can’t kick your cold

It’s easy to address the common cold with your arsenal of over-the-counter meds, but when you have a more serious illness like COVID-19 or the flu, or your symptoms just won’t go away with your usual methods, it’s time to head to urgent care for an evaluation.  

4. You’re in pain but not in danger

Anytime you’re in pain, but can still function, make your way to our office. Our urgent care team has got you covered when you’ve sprained an ankle, hit your head, or even sustained a minor bone fracture.         

When you need the ER

Urgent care centers are fast and efficient, but they aren’t set up to handle everything. You should steer toward the emergency room if you:

  • Can’t breathe

  • Have chest pain

  • Have severe abdominal pain accompanied by nausea, fatigue, and swelling

  • Have an injury or illness that is life or limb-threatening   

The best thing to do is listen to your gut. You know your body best and can decide when you need which level of care. 

To take advantage of exceptional urgent care services at Ezzia Healthcare PLLC, call the office at 425-448-8648, use the online booking feature, or simply walk in today.

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